Free Installation Classes

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For Pro-Installers in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County areas:

  • We provide FREE group classes on Synthetic Turf installation. WE OFFER A 2 HOUR CLASS AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH, and occasionally more often.
  • We also offer Free one on one classes.
  • We also offer Free “In the field” classes in which we will come to your location or jobsite and train you and your employees.

To sign up for the FREE class at our San Fernando or Norwalk locations please call us at 800-778-0830


We recommend that Homeowners hire a professional synthetic turf installer, so we will not post installation instructions on this website.

Here are some reasons NOT to do it yourself:

  1. Removing Current Landscape: A professional installer will understand the right amount of grass and dirt to excavate from your property. Grass can grow through your synthetic turf; however, the installer will understand the right way to take care of this so the only thing on your lawn will be SimpleTurf.
  2. Proper Measurements: Your professional installer will know the exact measurements that are needed for your lawn. When installing synthetic turf, your installer can eliminate waste and unnecessary products and will save you money in the long run.
  3. The Infill Process: The proper amount of infill is just as important as picking out the turf. Your installer will understand how much and what kind of infill is needed for your particular application. Any of our infills will protect your grass from creasing and/or flattening out. When installed by a professional, infill will give your yard the ultimate recovery needed and will protect your investment.
  4. Equipment: An installer will have the equipment needed to transport the turf and infill products to your home and will have access to tools such as carpet kickers, power brooms and power compactors that can be potential safety hazards. It may look easy, but leave it to the professionals!
  5. Warranty: Only an application completed by a Professional Installer can be insured by our industry leading 18 year warranty (Residential Jobs). Treat your SimpleTurf Synthetic Turf installation like what it is – an investment!