Artificial turf requires little maintenance, especially when compared to real grass.

Compared to a few years ago artificial grass has made significant improvements. The
the lifespan of synthetic turf depends on some variables such as maintenance, wear & tear.

Synthetic grass is designed to be resilient and durable in many types of situations.
In general, you can expect a good quality artificial turf to last 15-20 years at a
residential home with good maintenance.

How To Maintain Artificial Grass:

Outlined below are the steps needed to improve the lifespan of your turf.

  1. Rake the top of the turf blades to remove any debris or leaves.
  2. Rinse areas where dirt can be seen .
  3. Clear weeds before they grow and damage the turf. ( use weed killer and only then pull the dead weeds)
  4. Minor repairs are easy to do. They typically consist of: replacing small sections of turf if tears or rips have occurred. A slight separation may become noticeable
    if the seams are near a high-traffic area. This can still be fixed easily. In most cases, hiring a landscaping professional is the best option to avoid any
    noticeable signs that work has been performed.
  5. Once a year have a professional turf installer come and use a power broom to brush and clean your turf from things like smog and bird droppings. At the same time have
    the professional add more infill to the turf ; check the turf for any damage and fix as needed.
  6. If the homeowner has pets it is particularly important to have an understanding of proper artificial turf maintenance:
    1. If a pet urinates on your turf – all you need is to wash the turf once a week
    2. If your pet is a larger dog, you may need to rinse the turf more often, and use URICIDE to remove the odor. Check our accesorries page for more info on URICIDE.
    3. If the dog goes #2 on the turf, let it dry then remove it. Then wash the area. Use URICIDE as needed.

Wear and tear can mainly be attributed to a few things:

The amount of traffic - high amounts of traffic on the grass, including children or family members playing sports will shorten the lifespan. 

How often your pets are in the yard.

Furniture or equipment being moved on the grass.

Other than all the above, enjoy your turf!