Pets and Synthetic Turf

The most common problem from poorly maintained and installed pet turf is the odor after pet urine and feces have been allowed to sit, un-drained or unwashed. Even though the turf can withstand pets’ daily rough treatment, the pet owner must make sure the turf he chooses will be installed and maintained correctly. A correct pet turf installation is necessary for large or female pets that will be urinating frequently on the turf.

For homeowners with pets larger than 15 lbs, please follow these basic instructions for a pet installation:

  • While all our products are pet friendly, we recommend using our Pet Turf line. This turf is designed to allow better drainage of pet urine.
  • Complete the job with the proper base. Use 3”-4” of ¾” crushed gravel or Road Base Class 2. On top of it spread ½” of ZEOLITE infill and compact it. This type of base will allow the urine to drain faster rather than letting it sit between the turf backing and the cement-like compacted base. At the same time it will absorb the urine that drained beneath the turf backing.
  • Use 1 ½-2 lbs of ZEOLITE infill per each sf of turf. ZEOLITE is the infill that will absorb pet urine in order to prevent bad odor. Overall, the cost of a Pet Turf installation will be very close to that of a regular turf installation.
  • Another optional way to prevent odor is to use a “perforated drainage mat” or “perforated drain core” between the turf backing and the base. It is not necessary, but it will improve the drainage. These come at an additional cost of $2.50-$3.50/SF.


Maintaining Pet Turf    (Uri-Cide Turf Cleaner)

  • Perform routine maintenance as you would with a non-pet use turf installation. Wash and rinse the areas where pets urinate & defecate at least once a week.
  • Do not hose down solid waste - this will only cause it to spread over a larger area. Remove solid waste with gloves or a sanitary bag. Use recommended cleaners that can be found on our website at
  • It is best to put Zeofill under turf that is ¼” over the base to avoid the white powder.