S Blade Shape

Leaves textured in S-shape reduce the unnatural, plastic look of your synthetic lawn. While natural grass is green because it contains a molecule called chlorophyll, with an artificial grass it is important to create a proper angle for sunlight to reflect in a similar manner without creating a mirroring effect. The S-shape of the blade helps our grass to look more realistic even on a very sunny day. While flat blades reflect the entire spectrum of light, making the grass appear white, S-shape helps to diffuse reflections, texture, and color.

W Blade Shapes

W-Shape blades are among the most unique synthetic blade shapes, with tangible benefits! These unique W-Shape blades provide Artificial turf with a springy feeling keeping the blades upright under the most heavy traffic. Additionally, W-Shape blades are produced with heat diffusing technology, which after strict lab testing, show that they are up to 15 degrees cooler than any other blade under the same hot conditions.

C Blade Shapes

Designed in the shape of the letter C, C-shaped blades have a high wear tolerance and an ideal durability to withstand heavy traffic areas. This blade allows a perfect stand on look that most synthetic turf fails to achieve. As a part of our performance series, C-shaped blades allow the grass to stand up straighter under significant pressure.

U Blade Shapes

U-Blade is designed to withstand higher traffic, making it a great choice for sports fields and playgrounds. With a life expectancy of at least twenty years, U-Blade design is one of the best among our performance series synthetic turf products. U-Blade designed blades stand upright under significant amounts of pressure, the quality is exceptional going far beyond the competition. Soft to touch, U-Blade designed artificial grass is one of the most popular choices in commercial landscaping primarily due to its high wear and tear tolerance.