Dog & Puppy Synthetic Turf Potty Pad – Small 24″ x 24″

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24″ x 24″ Potty Pad Synthetic Turf Dog Mat.


This is a 24″ x 24″ Potty Pad Synthetic Turf Dog Mat that you can use indoors or outdoors, on patios, decks, balconys, or even in RVs or boats. Liquids will drain right through onto the underlying surface, where they can be absorbed by pet store puppy pads or simply hosed away. These puppy pads look great and are easy to clean – simply rinse with water and sanitize with Turf Fresh Odor Eliminator. Your pet will love it!

Made from our YST-35 Stargrass or from our high quality YST-60 Artificial Turf, (at an additional charge).

To protect floors and other surfaces we recommend using washable/reusable pee pads underneath the Synthetic Turf Dog Mat. They are available from many online sources such as

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Economy YST-35 Stargrass Synthetic Turf, High Quality YST-60 Synthetic Turf