Lawn Shock Pad

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SimpleTurf’s Shock Pad (Lawn Pad) can provide cushion for falls from up to 12′ onto a Artificial Grass lawn


SimpleTurf’s Shock Pad (Lawn Pad) is a closed-cell, cross-linked, polyethylene (PE) shock pad. It’s closed cell structure means it does not absorb moisture. The cross-linking produces a three-dimensional bond between the molecules providing:

  • High degree of stiffness
  • Less creep
  • Less compressible
  • High resistance to temperature and temperature changes (= better dimensional stability than other products!)
  • High chemical resistance Our shockpad also has a polyester (PET) geotextile mechanically bonded to one side.

These characteristics make the product an excellent choice for playgrounds & fields (and have become very popular for indoor sports arenas!).

Simple Turfs recommended pairing of shock pad + artificial grass + infill can provide critical impact ratings up to a 12′ fall height.

Shock pads are sold by the sheet – 4′ x 6′ x 3/4″ thick.

The “puzzle piece” structure makes installation very easy and is a significant advantage over the basic rectangular pads on the market that need to be seamed together with tape & glue or run the risk of experiencing “expansion gaps” over time.