Power Broom

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Power Broom with 1.07hp motor and 24″ brush head, used to work the blades of an Artificial Turf installation into an upright position


The Power Broom...A motorized broom to brush up synthetic turf fibers into desired direction. The majority of manufactured fibers that are tufted tend to lean in one direction, sometimes referred to as “Turf Lean”.

When synthetic turf fibers are not brushed vertically they create a shiny appearance. This is due to the reflection of light. Defibrillation diminishes this shiny look by placing the fibers in an upright position and thereby reduces the amount of glare from the sun.  When done correctly, defibrillation creates a much darker and plusher appearance.

Defibrillation can be done manually, with a rake and/or push broom, alternatively it can be done mechanically with a motorized broom.

It is important to note that over-defibrillation or excessive power brooming can diminish the life of the fibers and may cause memory loss or premature matting. More notably, over defibrillation may void the warranty of your synthetic turf.

This is especially true for “Slit Film” fibers. Excessive defibrillation on “Slit Film” fibers can cause the fibers to split into thinner fibers causing premature matting to occur.

Simple Turf’s Power Broom is a great tool for homeowners looking to perform periodic maintenance on their artificial grass.  It is an excellent tool for removing yard debris as well as freshening up your installation periodically and after heavy use.  It is a great tool for contractors installing artificial grass on a regular basis. Our power broom comes with a 24″ brush head and 1.07HP motor.